Top 3 Online Shopping Platforms in Kenya

Top 3 Online Shopping Platforms in Kenya

The emergence of online shopping sector in Kenya has led to the introduction of various companies in the market. In the country we have various companies such as Jumia, Masoko, and Killmall that have taken over the online shopping industry. Due to the constant changing of technology and the expansion internet connection in various parts of the country has made online shopping to easier and accessible to the consumer.

Majority of the Kenyan population are youth that are constantly on the internet getting information about products or buying them. Online shopping is becoming more popular among consumers because the time for going to retailer shops is reduced. Customers can by products by the click of a button through their devices. Products get delivered to where the costumer wants, it has help to bring comfortably to the users. The three online shopping platform have some similarities and difference in the service that they offer to their customers. In the ecommerce industry Jumia the first to enter the market in year 2012 followed by Killmall in 2014 and lastly Masoko entered the market in 2017. Jumia begin the leader in ecommerce sector in the country has also spread in five different countries in the continent. Killmall has also spread in different countries. Masoko is new company that is in the trial as is a product of safaricom. These companies offer similar services and others differ in the types of products that they sell. It has made consumers choose which platform is reliable for them to use in buying their products. Customers look for product delivery, quality of products that they get and security of the platform.

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Jumia is the leading brand in ecommerce in the country with six branches in Africa while Killmall has three branches in Africa and lastly Masoko has presence only in Kenya. So if you’re looking for an ecommerce company that has wide spread presence in Africa then Jumia is the best choice. Product delivery time Jumia delivers its product between two to seven days after purchasing while Killmall has delivery time between two to five days after purchase lastly Masoko is delivery time is between two to three days after the purchase of the product. So if you’re looking for a platform that would deliver products faster, then masoko is the best choice. Note that product delivery depends with type of products that the customer has purchased for example products beverages, food stuff get delivered the same day of purchase while product like electronics take time to reach the customer.

Price points of product differ in the platforms as I have compared like 100 products across the three platforms. Killmall has the lowest price point. So if you’re planning to buy cheaper, then killmall is best in terms of price points. Payment across the platform is the same as the customer pays on delivery of the goods. It has made user to have trust in terms of paying on what they are seeing. It has provided to users because there is no losses in terms of their finances so if you’re looking for security all platforms provide it well to customers. During delivery if you are outside Nairobi one is required to pay online first before getting the goods. Jumia has programme that offers clients to sell their products to other customers in the platform at 10% percentage of the price. Kill mall and masoko does not have such programs that makes customer to sell their products to other customer. It has help to reduce shipping time of products as they are sourced locally hence making Jumia reliable and faster in terms of sourcing goods.

In terms of security of products after being bought by a customer all the platforms have mechanism on which they secure the clients’ money. For example Jumia has a five return policy also Killmall has the same type of arrangement when handling returning of goods. Masoko has a seven day return policy that allow clients to return product once bought this makes Masoko a more reliable platform in terms of security of products to customers. The platforms have customer care services but it differs in terms of service delivery of the customer care. Jumia customer care is more reliable than the other two platforms as they give solution due their experience in the industry.

Jumia has introduced product or promotion such as Jumia Fridays that have products on discount during Friday. It has helped customer to get products at an affordable price. It has made the platform to be more popular than the other two ecommerce platform. Product diversification Jumia is the leading brand, it offers variety of products to customer than their competition. It has help the company to grow its company base by acquiring different customers due to their diversification of products. These platform offers different payment method such mobile money payment, visa and card payment. Masoko because is a product of safaricom offers mobile money payment and these makes it different for clients who don’t have the mobile network difficult to transact while both Jumia and Killmall offer different platforms of payment. In ecommerce is all about doing and marketing things differently for example Jumia partnered with local fast food company to provide readily food to their customers. The program is called Jumia foods that offers customer to choose their meals on the platform. It has help Jumia to meet the consumer needs by having an extra edge on the other platforms in the ecommerce sector.

The ecommerce have small margins in terms of similarities and differences between the platforms. Each platform has its own advantage and disadvantage to the consumer but that is up to the customer to decide the suitable platform to use when buying a product online. If one is looking for cheap price then Kilimall is the best option for them. In terms of general reliability if a customer wants then Jumia is the best option. Masoko is still on the trail mode so it doesn’t yet been tested by the ecommerce market very well.

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